What is the price of the Official Morph Team Jersey?

Price of Rp. 300,000, - (Not Including Shipping)

How long is the production time for the Official Morph Team Jersey?

Production time is around 21 days outside of delivery time.

What are the ingredients of the Official Morph Team Jersey?

Made of 100% Polyester which is flexible and does not wrinkle easily. The screen printing used is Polyflek which adheres perfectly to the fabric and will not peel or break even if you wash it many times.

What Sizes Are Available?

Available sizes are S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

What Colors Are Available?

For the Official Morph Team Jersey, currently only black is available with a choice of different collar designs.

Can I Request a Name on the Official Morph Team Jersey?

Currently there is no custom nickname available.


How is the Purchase Transaction Mechanism?

For the purchase mechanism, please enter the website morph.team , select the desired product, fill in the complete delivery address on the form, then proceed to delivery.

What Shipping Services Are Used?

For shipments we only use expeditions from JNE.

What is the Payment Mechanism?

For the payment mechanism after filling in the complete data on the purchase form, please transfer the nominal of your transaction by adding 2 digits from your order number via BANK BCA on behalf of PT BUBU KREASI PERDANA, Blok A Cipete Branch with Account No. 218-3003721, then also send a photo proof transfer to WhatApps Morph Team Store at 0813-8623-5805.

Is it possible to use the COD system ( Cash on Delivery )?

We do not accept the COD system ( Cash on Delivery ).

Can it be exchanged or refunded?

Products cannot be returned, but can be exchanged if there is a defect in the product.

Will there be other merchandise in the future?

Of course, stay tune continue on our website yes!