Rachel Florencia, Brand Ambassador of the Morph eSports Team

The Morph eSports team has a beautiful brand ambassador, Rachel Florencia, who is a former finalist for the idol group JKT48.

This woman who is familiarly called Achel joined and became a brand ambassador for Morph on March 24, 2020. Then a week after that, he officially became the 2nd rusher and support to complete the PUBG Mobile Morph Team roster.

The reason is, Achel's ability is perfect to complement the PUBG Mobile Morph Team roster, especially to implement the strategies used in the final PMPL ID Grand Finals 2020. The 20-year-old woman previously tried her luck through the JKT48 Generation 3 audition in 2014, where she made it to the final round. But unfortunately, he has not been lucky to join this famous idol group in Asia. This oriental-faced virgin who has a hobby of dancing and singing then tried out her profession as a female dish jockey (DJ) and finally became an eSports activist in the country.

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